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Art Consulting, Collections Management, Art Documentation, and more.

Tiller Wolf is a Calgary-based, one-stop-shop for Art Consulting and Collections Management for private and corporate collections of all sizes. We provide long term collections management as well as short term art services tailored to your project needs. Collections are our expertise; we will guide your art collection development in a meaningful way. Want to learn more? Let’s connect and chat about art stuff.


Take advantage of our full suite of services tailored for your art collection’s unique needs. We work with private, corporate, and public collections to effectively manage and protect our clients’ valued art investment.



We offer publication-ready art documentation for magazines, catalogue raisonnés, sale, and insurance purposes. Our work has been featured in Canadian Art, Galleries West, catalogue raisonnés for Jean-Paul Riopelle and Jack Bush, and print material for galleries and galas. 

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Buying and selling an artwork can be an intimidating task. Is the work authentic? Is the gallery legitimate? Are there discounts to be shared? What is the difference between the primary and secondary art markets? With our experience in commercial galleries and the secondary art market, we can locate works by requested artists, make suggestions on artists to invest in, provide guidance, and negotiate prices. We can navigate the entire or components of the purchase/sale process on behalf of our clients.



We execute condition reports and inventory cataloging of collections for insurance, estate planning, collection management, and general organization purposes.


Pro tip: Hire a specialist who is a seasoned arts professional. Extensive art handling and gallery experience will be an asset. Risks to artwork can occur during handling; by hiring an art specialist, you can avoid mishandling of valued artwork. Please don’t be shy; ask your art consultant if they have insurance and how much they are insured for.

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